basic dental services

dental inspection

Regular dental inspections and well performed self-care are the foundation to a healthy mouth. With regular inspections we ensure and upkeep healthy condition and prevent cavities and diseases in mouth.

tartar removal

Tartar is hardened plaque, which exposes to gum diseases and to parodontite in some cases. We remove all the tartar along with discolorfication if needed.

soda cleaning

Soda cleaning removes discolorfications from teeth. Please notice, that any tartar needs to be removed before.

cavity filling

If the tooth has a damage proceeded all the way to the dentin, its needs to be filled. Filling can also be used to restore surface for aesthetic reasons. Fillings are made of combination plastics, cheramic materials or amalgam if needed.

tooth extraction

Tooth will be removed if cavity or gum disease have damaged tooth beyond repair. Also orthodontics and wisdom tooth onset can be a reason for extraction. We also treat difficult extractions with great success.

tooth surgery

Tooth or root will be surgically removed, if its inside jawbone in a way it cannot be removed ordinarily. We have widely experienced personnel in surgery.

root canal treatment

Inside tooths hard surface, there is a soft core. Inside this core blood veins and nerves take place. In root canal treatment root is removed and filled in order to save tooth.


If you're having headaches during the morning, or neck and occlusalmuscle are sore you might suffer from bruxism. Occlusalsplints cover and protect your teeth during night and prevents grinding of teeth.


teeth whitening

Whitening in clinic is done with safe and sensitive Opalescence- substance. Mouth and gum has to be free of tartar and healthy. Ask for teeth whitening hometrays.

teeth laminates

Laminates are shells made of porcelain installed on teeth surface. Laminates are usually manufactured and installed to front and canine tooths. Laminates are made to fix teeth color and shape.


Straight white teeth without drilling in a reasonable time? We can do it. Our orthodontic treatments allow invisible solutions for straight teeth. Book a time for free consultation!

free of charge evaluation

In this free of charge teeth evaluation you send pictures of your teeth and our dentist gives an evaluation of treatments and overall cost. All this free of charge!


gum diseases

Dental health affects bodys state of health dramatically. Even if overall health of mouth has been improving, gum diseases and parodontite are still surprisingly regular. We offer dental specialists to treat gum diseases.


Surgery means overall treatment of occlusion problems and gum diseases. Accident related problems along with diagnostics regarding deficiencies.

injection treatments

We offer botulin treatments for bruxism, causing migraine, neck and occluisonal soreness. Botulin treatments can also be taken for aesthetic reasons. Injected botulin prevent muscle tension for 3-6 months.


In implantology tooth root will be replaced with a titanium screw installed to jawbone. Installation takes about 30-60 minutes and can be done in local anesthesia.


occupational health services

We offer occupational health services to business of all sizes. Occupational health services are tax refundable. Personnel appreciate highly employer offering dental services. Well being staff is the key to success.


High appreciation and profound business partnership are some key factors we value. We are partnered with highly appreciated brands, who cherish high value and offer high quality services, and require it also from partners.